About BubbleGunz

BubbleGunz is a game created my senior year of undergrad at Spelman College for a CS course. It is coded in C++ using the Allegro game library. I wanted to create a game with a black female heroine, and thus, Mattie was born.

She fights off an alien invasion by first trapping the aliens with her bubblegum and then shooting the bubbles with her dart gun as the bubbles float in the air. If you don't shoot a bubble by the time it reaches the top of the screen, the bubble pops and the alien comes falling down into the playing field again.

It started as a one-level, shooting action game. As time progressed, I expanded the game into 3 levels, each giving Mattie a new ability.

Level 1: Bubble Blowing, Shooting

Level 2: Bubble Jump - float above the aliens when they gang up on you

Level 3: Gummy Cannon - shoot splats of gum on the ground and aliens will be stuck for a while.

I'm no great artist as you'll see, but since this was a one-woman team, all coding and artwork (except for the alien sprites) was done by me. A joystick enabled version also exists.

Code Sample Here.


The NEW BubbleGunz

Summer 2007 I began work on a flash version of BubbleGunz. I wanted to keep the same funky art style of the landscapes and the abundance of color, but the game now has many more features including side-scrolling gameplay.

alien brainstorming

  • Dynamic Difficulty- Instead of picking a difficulty, everyone starts on the same page, and as you progress it gets harder, if you die, it gets a little easier.

  • Limited supply of darts

  • Prettier Graphics- Thanks Flash!

  • Differentiation among Aliens - In version one, the aliens were only different by appearance; their attacks are the same. In version two, the first alien works the same way, the second alien is fast, and the third alien must be shot with a dart. If you shoot him, it destroys all aliens you have trapped in bubbles at the time. If not, it releases them all. Each alien also has a different number of points. (1, 2, and 5 respectively)

  • Added feedback as to how long is left in your powerup.

  • Got rid of the ability to hold down the 'blow bubble' button.

  • Original Musical Score.

Not yet implemented:

  • Mattie's Gummy Cannon.

  • High Scores

  • Creatures that should not be killed.

  • Tutorial

Play it Here